After much shrieking and excitement, the apple of the eye blog has finally arrived in the world.

I am, errr me! A 37 year old mum of 3 blossoming children with a wonderful husband who has endured me for the past 17 years despite my ups and downs. I am unable to sit for long without doing something, crafty hobbies are my favourite, with knitting and crochet the most heavenly pursuits. I also love my music of which I have a very eclectic mix on my iPod and there is ALWAYS a radio on in my house.

I like to bake (and eat) cakes, but in a family of 5 I seldom get too much time for it and when I do it’s all gone in a jiffy!

I live by the sea (however I never seem to get to the beach) I love foreign travel and have been to a number of European cities in recent years and I want to go to many more when finances allow.

I hate housework and laundry because it interrupts my craft life and I believe that there should be a magic fairy to come in each day and make the beds.

Food heaven :: Dream topping

Food hell :: Brocolli and honey (not together that would be more than 1 person can bear)

Please come and join me in my corner of the lounge, the house, the town and the world. I feel it will be a bumpy ride 🙂