I have not been crocheting for very long. I have knitted since I was about 8 and able to produce some fancy pants stuff! Socks, colourwork, cables, they held no scariness for me. But…….

I could never understand how to crochet. I puzzled on and on for years just not quite “GETTING” it. I was a hopeless failure. Surely if I could do it with 2 needles 1 should be just as easy. Finally one day I cracked. I was absolutely going to do this. I was going to create those lovely, scrummy, perfectly formed granny squares and nothing was going to stand in my way.

So…….mr hubby and I were off on a romantic weekend to Stockholm 4 months ago, no children, no work, nice hotel with candlelit dinners. Boy oh boy was he thrilled when I got to the airport with a crochet hook and enough yarn to ground the plane.

But I did it 🙂

A cushion and several christmas decorations later I am here making a bag a la lucy at attic24. I feel I am starting to understand it now, I’m realising the effects of different stitches and I’m really loving it. I love the roundness of it, you never can seem to knit much in a flat circle. The world’s at my feet now and I’m so glad I cracked it. You really are NEVER too old

XXX Louise XXX