I thought I would just share some of my more recent photographs with you today. I love this flower. Flowers always have the power to make you feel good about the world, don’t they. Even in the saddest way flowers are used at funerals and remembrance they do seem to lift ones spirits and accept the way living things are finite and we should rejoice in them while they are with us. I feel inspired when I look at this photo because the fabulous acid green is so unexpected in such a beautiful flower.

I love this photo also because I recently went to the British Museum with Mr Hubby and all 3 children. We were on a short break in London and when this was taken we were all just about fit to drop! We’d seen as much as we could pack in and been to as many places as we could and we were done in! Somehow the calmness of this entrance hall made everything feel better; happier; more relaxed. I love the look and feel of the place, so majestic and stylish.

Finally, a shot taken in Hyde park. We had a lovely picnic (well M&S to go!) lunch here. Although the weather was fresh and crisp you can see the wonderful autumn sunshine. The shades of colour in the trees and shrubs were amazing and thus the reflection in the water was stunning. We spent quite some time here, chatting, eating and laughing. The children were hysterical watching the birds devouring leftovers. Sometimes I forget they are still children and have a childlike sense of fun.

You really can find inspiration from any photo, when it’s one you’ve taken yourself, it’s a cherished memory too.

Have a great, inspiring, childlike fun sort of a day xxx