Oh my giddy Aunt!

I’m so happy.

So absolutely relaxed, happy and in heaven!

After working lots and lots of extra hours just lately I today find myself here in my corner, on my own for the day, nowhere to go and nothing to do (except housework which I am ignoring today!)

Although I only work 16 hours each week over 3 days I really feel that I don’t have enough days like this.

I keep peering into my corner wondering which WIP I should indulge in today. Maybe a little crochet, or some of the half knitted paraphernalia socks.

What about something new using the felt I got from paper and string? Or a whole new sewing project, dusting off the sewing machine.

Hmmmm so many choices. What I am determined not to do is sit in my corner like a lemon all day, surfing and catching up with blogs. Today is definitely a “doing” day.

Not sure what but I’m going to enjoy finding out!