Please excuse the photo, it really doesn’t do the FO any justice but weather and light here today are awful. I am waiting for a good bright day as I have a number of finished objects to share.

This, however, is the first blanket I have made, based on attic 24 ripple blanket pattern. It started out as a baby blanket but kind of grew and grew and grew so I now call it “the enormous turnip blanket”. It has become one of “those” projects that we all have where 90% of the fun is in the “doing” and I am now unsure what to do with it. Don’t know whether to still gift it to the mum and baby in question, throw it over my bed to look arty farty or just keep it in my corner for wearing over my knees when the weather turns colder (how OLD am I?). For now it’s washed and packed away awaiting further instruction and a better photoshoot! 🙂

Louise xXx