This weekend has been a bit of a mixed blessing. Mr H and middle daughter have been away camping with their cub pack. Fewer people in the house leaves some manoeuvrability with sleeping arrangements that did, for at least 30 seconds, make me wonder about the possibility of slapping a coat of paint on little man’s bedroom, a job well overdue. However I quickly came to my senses, decided I really couldn’t be bothered and bought some of this……..

to try a new plan concocted a few months ago when I bought this……..

This book was a lovely buy. I have wanted to try some small scale project with smaller hooks and fine yarn for sometime now and there really is some lovely things to make in it. The charts take a bit of fathoming out and the instructions are sometimes not quite as explicit as I could do with them being so I thought with the house down to me plus 2 it would be a little quieter and I could concentrate better. I decided to have a try at this;

It’s only big enough for a mobile phone so it is quite small scale working but it’s a start at a new technique. I have spent a large part of the weekend with the book on my lap, my eyes straining at the fine stitches, lots and lots of cups of tea and my boxset of “The Waltons” on the telly! I loved that programme then and I love it now, I always wanted to actually be in The Waltons family, but I digress!

It has been a really good unwinding weekend and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m pleased with how it has worked out and although it’s not finished yet here’s some “so-far” photos!

I love the delicacy of the patterning and though I can see some mistakes I’m really pleased with the initial look of it  🙂

A small hook and fine cotton, definitely a combination I’m going to work with again.

Although, of course I do miss them when they’re on camp, it’s nice to have a different dynamic in the house and a great chance to try something different without feeling guilty about the time spent on it. So happy I decided against the decorating.

Louise x