Let’s get this right. I love Christmas. I enjoy all the lovely things that make Christmas special. I’ve baked the cake, made and eaten some mince pies, listened to the odd christmas song and generally got in the spirit.

What I don’t enjoy is the hype. You know, the 3 for 2 offers which just make you spend more, the mammoth amounts of food and drink the supermarkets want us to buy (despite the fact they’re open again boxing day), the way people look at you when you explain you don’t actually re-mortgage the house every year to provide the children with every latest craze, the way everyone seems to be stressed and cross. I suspect I am going to hit the internet in a big way this year as well as inflicting “handmade” on people. In the quest to preserve my remaining sanity I think it is necessary.

My Christmas wish is for a peaceful time, festive TV oldies, a glass of wine or two and several (usually controversial) games of trivial pursuit!

Health, happiness and home. X