Brrrrr it’s been cold in Blackpool today. We have completely avoided the snow up to now but it came today and because the temperatures have been so cold it has stayed and frozen. The garden this morning looked so atmospheric with snow covered trees and freezing fog.

I need to update you all on my advent swap gifts from Becky. Oh my, I have had so much fun opening the gifts she sent. I have to say that we were both a little anxious about swapping, being newbies and all that, but I have really enjoyed the surprises I have received each day and now feel inspired to partake in swaps again, I can really see the attraction!

On Thursday 2nd I opened a lovely fabric heart which now has pride of place over my fireplace. It is hanging from a mirror that belonged to my Grandma and is very special to me. it really fits the bill! I will take a picture of the mirror (complete with heart) when the light here is better. The days have been terribly gloomy of late, not much daylight around just now is there? For now though here’s a shot from work where I seem to spend most of the daylight hours.

3rd December bought me some tissues in cheery polka dot packets. There is something about dotty things isn’t there? They lift the spirits as soon as you see them and make you smile. Had to prise them out of sneaky daughters mitts 🙂

On the 4th day of December, Becky sent to me (I can see a song developing here) an angel bookmark so the angels can be with me too. I’m in need of one or two angels at the moment to be honest. Although Christmas is lovely it can sometimes bring a sense of loss as well. I put the bookmark straight to use on Sunday when I got a super book of patterns for knitted flowers. I love the way it was a Sunday gift because it meant I found a few minutes to get some yarn and have a go at some of the patterns. With coffee and mince pie of course 😉

Todays gift was a book of quotes and messages “Love can change the world”. I love books like this that you can just dip into whenever you need to feel positive and inspired. I am going to keep it in “my corner” and I think that the next few weeks may see me reaching for it quite a lot! Also in the parcel was a beautiful angel poem that I am going to leave you with. I think we all need an angel of peace.

Advent blessings

Louise xxx