Well is it me or have the last few weeks gone nowhere?! I always find the build up to Christmas a little stressful but I have tried to chill a bit more this year and really enjoy the festivities. Here we are on Christmas Eve and I have forced myself to sit down with a festive drink and a couple of homemade biscuits that the lovely son has made today. Bless him he is such a love, his attention to detail when baking is commendable (not so with the cleaning up after but I’ll excuse him because the fruits of his labours are indeed delicious!)

I have been trying to blog for ages but somehow it always gets pushed down the list. I knew that when I took on the advent swap it would be a challenge to blog about but I am hanging my head in shame that I haven’t done a bit better.

Note to self :: Must try harder!

Anyway despite the lack of evidence I have truly LOVED the swap, I find that as “mum” “wife” “daughter” it’s too easy to become a martyr at this time of year. I have been ferrying people around, taking mum for her shopping, cleaning, cooking etc etc etc and the advent swap has been a time for me to feel that I am getting something out of the season, not just giving! It’s been brilliant to have a little treat each day to cheer the spirit. My swap partner Becky and I were both anxious and nervous that we wouldn’t live up to expectations but  can honestly say Becky has excelled by sending a lovely variety of thoughtful gifts.

Completing my advent swap took a fair bit of time and anxious moments and I can remember that as I took it to the Post Office I said it was fun but I would never do another swap. I am pleased to say my opinion is completely reversed and I would definitely do another one. Sometimes in life you have to take the plunge and come what may don’t you.

All that remains to say is have a wonderful Christmas an a fantastic new year. Hope that your days are merry and bright and Santa remembers you all.

~Christmas Blessings~

Louise xx