This weekend was a very rare event. There was nothing at all in my diary – I say my diary but everybodies reminders get written in it because it is part of the “mum” job description. They tell me something, I write it in, I remind them several times before the event, make sure they have the relevant resources to hand, remind them again and so on and so on, but enough of that.

Nothing in diary. Much me time. I think not

Middle fediddle = GCSE revision. (Exam Thursday) I was the question master. Tectonic plates. Like I know anything about them. I tried, I really did. Followed by assisting with pastry for Lemon Meringue pie made spontaneously and still sticking all over the kitchen.

Oldest Boldest = A level Revision. (Exam Wednesday) I was the student (she’d been told teaching someone was the best revision) I now know a lot more about the life and times of Cicero than I feel I will ever need to know. Ancient history – a challenge.

Youngest Golden Boy = Kindly invited friend to sleepover despite knowing I am a really awful sleepover mum. I have just never really got it. Is it just me? Some mums do these things so well. Game of monopoly. I thrashed them, some justice there I think.

In reality minutes of MEtime could be counted on my fingers, teenagers sometime seem to guzzle more time than toddlers!

Louise xXx