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I have been a pretty busy girl of late. Although I have been a little more relaxed than before Christmas there has been a fair amount of running around and my crafty Mojo has been at a premium so I’ve been trying out some new things.

The Monthly Make 2011 has focused my mind and I’ve been really going for it in the craft stakes

The makes I wish to declare for January are;

1) A pair of socks. From a pattern by the brilliant sock designer Cookie a these really were a breeze to knit. The first one took me only a couple of days then I had a break cause I couldn’t be arsed was busy with other things!  Anyway here they are being wonderful modelled by the oldest-most-boldest despite protestations that had she known she’d have shaved her legs 🙂


















2) A batch of up-cycled purses. Made from various, reclaimed from charity shop, fabrics these are some little projects. I haven’t decided what to do with them. I have a mental block about selling things because I haven’t got a lot of faith in my abilities but maybe I’ll have a go with these. The pattern is out of my head and 3 of them have a button pocket on the back so they’ll take cards/notes and coins. Maybe they’ll become Christmas presents. I have put them in my “Idon’tknowwhattodowiththese box” Does everyone have one of those?

3) A peg bag. Based on a pattern from Sew Fabulous fabric. This didn’t run entirely smoothly but I’m happy with the finished item.



Some of these things were done quite a bit earlier in the month but the light for photographing has been shocking. In addition to the monthly make challenge I am trying to try out some different disciplines this year and restrain myself from buying lots more raw materials. I really do have enough yarn and supplies to last me forever and in the current frugal times I really must try not to amass any more! (ask me about that one in March when my will power has left me and I have succumbed to the John Lewis yarny shelves…..again!

I may have good intentions but my willpower is rubbish

Louise xx



My crafty mojo is always at it’s peak in January. The excesses of christmas are over and crafting, that has taken a back seat from November onwards (in favour of shopping and stressing) suddenly holds an appeal again. My corner, the hub of all crafting activity is clear of all the Christmas clutter and I am motivated!
With that in mind I have decided to commit to “A monthly make 2011” kindly hosted by the felt fairy. Hopefully it will encourage me to do a little bit more, get off my backside and get my brain in gear. Make Januarys Mojo last a little longer than usual. In an added twist I don’t want to do the same craft more than twice over the twelve month period.

Would Mrs H please step away from the knitting needles 🙂

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