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My Mum has gone away this weekend and left me with this! The friendliest, daftest cat to ever walk the earth!

He’s been doing a lot of this (on my knee)

And I have been forced to spend a lot of time in my mum’s lovely peaceful house, him asleep on my knee, hooky on the go and enjoying the chocolate mum always puts in the fridge for me!

The selfless things I do for people!




Today is the day….

I finish for half term!

For some reason we start back in the middle of august, long before the students. Long, long, long half term.

I’m not accustomed to overworking myself. I think it’s dangerous.

12 whole days off. Not that I’m counting 🙂

Coffee and Hooky me thinks

This weekend has been a bit of a mixed blessing. Mr H and middle daughter have been away camping with their cub pack. Fewer people in the house leaves some manoeuvrability with sleeping arrangements that did, for at least 30 seconds, make me wonder about the possibility of slapping a coat of paint on little man’s bedroom, a job well overdue. However I quickly came to my senses, decided I really couldn’t be bothered and bought some of this……..

to try a new plan concocted a few months ago when I bought this……..

This book was a lovely buy. I have wanted to try some small scale project with smaller hooks and fine yarn for sometime now and there really is some lovely things to make in it. The charts take a bit of fathoming out and the instructions are sometimes not quite as explicit as I could do with them being so I thought with the house down to me plus 2 it would be a little quieter and I could concentrate better. I decided to have a try at this;

It’s only big enough for a mobile phone so it is quite small scale working but it’s a start at a new technique. I have spent a large part of the weekend with the book on my lap, my eyes straining at the fine stitches, lots and lots of cups of tea and my boxset of “The Waltons” on the telly! I loved that programme then and I love it now, I always wanted to actually be in The Waltons family, but I digress!

It has been a really good unwinding weekend and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m pleased with how it has worked out and although it’s not finished yet here’s some “so-far” photos!

I love the delicacy of the patterning and though I can see some mistakes I’m really pleased with the initial look of it  🙂

A small hook and fine cotton, definitely a combination I’m going to work with again.

Although, of course I do miss them when they’re on camp, it’s nice to have a different dynamic in the house and a great chance to try something different without feeling guilty about the time spent on it. So happy I decided against the decorating.

Louise x

Please excuse the photo, it really doesn’t do the FO any justice but weather and light here today are awful. I am waiting for a good bright day as I have a number of finished objects to share.

This, however, is the first blanket I have made, based on attic 24 ripple blanket pattern. It started out as a baby blanket but kind of grew and grew and grew so I now call it “the enormous turnip blanket”. It has become one of “those” projects that we all have where 90% of the fun is in the “doing” and I am now unsure what to do with it. Don’t know whether to still gift it to the mum and baby in question, throw it over my bed to look arty farty or just keep it in my corner for wearing over my knees when the weather turns colder (how OLD am I?). For now it’s washed and packed away awaiting further instruction and a better photoshoot! 🙂

Louise xXx

As you can see in my blog title, I have a corner. It’s a great corner, it’s my little corner of the lounge, the house, the town, the world. It’s packed with stuff. Scissors, yarn, face cream, books, dr bach flower remedies, sewing box, various gadgets and chargers (tangled) etc etc etc.

I took a photo of my corner especially to share with you.

I know it looks a little out of hand but that’s nothing to how it is sometimes. I have, on occasion had to get a whip and a chair to fight it back. Some girlies out there (I know I read the blogs) are lucky enough to have a studio and believe me I am not proud of the studioenvy I feel. But sadly in present circumstances I am not able to have a fully decked out studio with fancy coloured boxes and tins, a place for everything and everything in it’s place so I have to make do with my corner and its chaotic filing system. I’ve always had a corner, my dad had one before me and I have always been ridiculed widely for it.

It has not been helped by the arrival of DAVE a very mixed blessing indeed……

We have a love and hate relationship

:: Me and Dave :: Dave and Me ::

He stands around collecting rubbish and neglecting his duty as a laptop table because you can barely fit a mobile phone on him never mind a laptop! But oh like any bad boy he has that way of making you just lurve him xxxxx

The final brightly sparkling jewel in the tarnished crown is this;

Made by my beautiful daughter (middle child without the syndrome) in woodwork club after school. I love love love it cause she made it specially for my corner, you may say it is bespoke 🙂

So this convoluted post is basically saying my favourite place to knit, to read to sew to do anything is this corner. I knit and crochet round the world, in planes, trains and automobiles. In shops, cafes, waiting rooms, hospitals and (shhhhh) even work sometimes. But 95% of the time it’s here in a corner at home – the best place in the world.

Louise xxx


I love to see all the clever things that others design and make but I sometimes feel that if I’m not working from a pattern I feel that I am flailing about a little. I wish that I could use the inspiration I gain from others work to design my own things. I know that imagination is like many skills, it needs tending to grow and develop. It needs time and peace and warmth and nourishment. It needs encouraging and bolstering when things go awry and heaps of praise when flying 🙂

I know that I am able to give my imagination these things and I know that the wonderful Mr H will help me along, but right now all the aforementioned things are needed far more by the 3 blossoming teenagers in the house. I know that there will, in time, be opportunities for experimentation, trials, errors and growth. Until that time I’ll keep perfecting techniques and when my imagination can take flight, I’ll be able to keep up with it!

Louise xx

Day 3

“Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy.”

I absolutely love the work of little cotton rabbits for all the reasons listed above! Who can fail to love the animals that Julie creates with what must be endless patience and imagination.

If you look to the gallery you can see what a prolific knitter she is and despite the animals having loosely the same feel to them each one is a complete individual, made in beautiful candy colours. All photographed so stylishly.

I wish that I had half the imagination shown in these wonderful creatures and I think they are an absolute work of art.



……crochet a babette blanket

Since my crochet days finally began I have had the babette blanket in mind to complete. I suppose I like the idea of a bigger project and I love the way the colours can be varied and played with to completely change the result. Check this out for some amazing examples of the variety possible. I also like the fact that it is not too difficult or taxing, sometimes you just want to pick something easy up to do a few squares and not have to give it too much brain time. With 3 children I think that’s crucial.

Now Louise I hear you cry, what the devil is stopping you?

Well I have to say the reason is purely financial. I would love to make a start but if you read the list of yarn requirements it is quite scary. I am a bit of a yarn snob I admit and I think if you are putting time and love into a project it really has to be with nice yarn and nice yarn = expensive yarn. I am also a worrier and I like to have the full amount of yarn at my side when I set out on a project. I worry you see. What if they discontinue it when I’m half way through? What if the colour shades change? What if all the yarn I’ve decided to use disappears off the planet and I’m left with a half blanket, a random selection of squares with no purpose? As if! I know it’s irrational and ridiculous but that’s me :0) Slightly cooky  but that’s what you get from knitters!

So in essence if I win the lottery I’ll be off to the yarn shop as fast as my legs can carry me and the babette blanket will be born……



The first time I can remember knitting was when I was about 6 years old. My mum taught me and I really persevered with it, undoing, asking for help to sort out, getting in a tangle but ultimately getting the knack of it and feeling very pleased with myself. Mum taught me the basics but I have to say all the rest, decreasing, shaping, increasing and reading patterns I don’t really remember “learning” as such I think I just worked it out by repeatedly going wrong and starting again till it looked right. Some of my methods I am still not sure are strictly speaking correct, but hey they work for me 🙂

I got back into knitting as a teenager when some friends got knitting at school and then spent a few years making quite a few things. A did a really laborious fairisle jumper with a very decorative yolk which I didn’t like on me, was itchy and as a result I never wore. Nowadays I stick with smaller accessories and house things mainly for the reason that I am never quite happy with clothes I knit for myself. Before I married the wonderful Mr H I made him a jumper and my word did he love it! Eventually I had to pull it from his fists as it was threadbare and I was sick of the sight of him in it :-/ Maybe that sweater has been the key to 17 years of happy marriage!

Crochet was a different story altogether. It was a black art to me for many many years. Periodically I would get a book have a try and fail. Until last year when suddenly the mist lifted and I was able to teach myself with the inspiration of blog attic24. I knew that if i wanted to do it I needed to decide I was going to, so that is what I did and on a romantic weekend to stockholm I packed a hook, basic instructions and some yarn and wahey I finally cracked it.

Have phases of knitting and crochet now and a few projects on the go at any one time. I have tried to get my 2 daughters, 15 and 14 into it over the years but they can’t seem to persevere like I did when I was 6. I think everyone’s different and if they don’t enjoy it why strive for it. It looks like it will be down to me to knit the pullies every christmas in this family 🙂

Here’s a few odds and ends of my work.

I was just checking out the Victoria and Albert museum shop because I love the things they have in there and I like to regularly drool. I just love the products by Sophie Digard that are in there right now. See how lovely they look here. I’m not sure I can afford one but it certainly provides some inspiration of what one can achieve.

Louise xx

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