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A new term, a new start.

Today I

  • Frogged a hat that was half knitted but I wasn’t hopeful it would fit my head. I did much pulling it and trying to convince myself it was going to fit and kept going. I kept holding it up to my head while it was on the needles 😦 Finally decided it was better to frog half a hat than have a full hat that didn’t fit
  • Baked (and sampled) a big sticky chocolate tray bake.
  • Played more chicken invaders than is good for me.
  • Dreamt of next years holiday.


I had a whim to make some gingerbread men, not something I’ve ever had much success with. This time they’ve turned out lovely. I even managed to get them off the trays in one piece. I don’t overdo the decorating them. There’s no point. These guys won’t make it through the night! I only selected the best shaped ones for a photocall, the misshapes ended up on my tum.

Yummy 🙂

When the children get home I’ll be in favour. You are never too old for a gingerbread man.

Louise xxx

Well is it me or have the last few weeks gone nowhere?! I always find the build up to Christmas a little stressful but I have tried to chill a bit more this year and really enjoy the festivities. Here we are on Christmas Eve and I have forced myself to sit down with a festive drink and a couple of homemade biscuits that the lovely son has made today. Bless him he is such a love, his attention to detail when baking is commendable (not so with the cleaning up after but I’ll excuse him because the fruits of his labours are indeed delicious!)

I have been trying to blog for ages but somehow it always gets pushed down the list. I knew that when I took on the advent swap it would be a challenge to blog about but I am hanging my head in shame that I haven’t done a bit better.

Note to self :: Must try harder!

Anyway despite the lack of evidence I have truly LOVED the swap, I find that as “mum” “wife” “daughter” it’s too easy to become a martyr at this time of year. I have been ferrying people around, taking mum for her shopping, cleaning, cooking etc etc etc and the advent swap has been a time for me to feel that I am getting something out of the season, not just giving! It’s been brilliant to have a little treat each day to cheer the spirit. My swap partner Becky and I were both anxious and nervous that we wouldn’t live up to expectations but  can honestly say Becky has excelled by sending a lovely variety of thoughtful gifts.

Completing my advent swap took a fair bit of time and anxious moments and I can remember that as I took it to the Post Office I said it was fun but I would never do another swap. I am pleased to say my opinion is completely reversed and I would definitely do another one. Sometimes in life you have to take the plunge and come what may don’t you.

All that remains to say is have a wonderful Christmas an a fantastic new year. Hope that your days are merry and bright and Santa remembers you all.

~Christmas Blessings~

Louise xx


It’s day one of the advent swap that Lynda from hookinwithlaalaa has brilliantly organised for all us excitable Christmassy types.

My swap partner Becky from Angels are here sent a lovely big box of beautifully wrapped pressies and I am now ridiculously excited about Christmas. Both my daughters were completely jealous and now have high hopes and plans for next year.

My day 1 gift included a beautiful advent card (which I think looks great under my light cause the windows light up) a lovely angel pin brooch and some chocolate snow bites for my sweet tooth! I am so thrilled, can’t wait for tomorrow

I was going to photograph and blog tomorrow but I decided it was going to have to be tonight as the chocolate won’t make it till morning 😉


Let’s get this right. I love Christmas. I enjoy all the lovely things that make Christmas special. I’ve baked the cake, made and eaten some mince pies, listened to the odd christmas song and generally got in the spirit.

What I don’t enjoy is the hype. You know, the 3 for 2 offers which just make you spend more, the mammoth amounts of food and drink the supermarkets want us to buy (despite the fact they’re open again boxing day), the way people look at you when you explain you don’t actually re-mortgage the house every year to provide the children with every latest craze, the way everyone seems to be stressed and cross. I suspect I am going to hit the internet in a big way this year as well as inflicting “handmade” on people. In the quest to preserve my remaining sanity I think it is necessary.

My Christmas wish is for a peaceful time, festive TV oldies, a glass of wine or two and several (usually controversial) games of trivial pursuit!

Health, happiness and home. X

Ooooh I had a smashing monday! Half term went much too quickly although we didn’t do a lot of anything it’s nice to have the company of the children for the mundane things like shopping and coffee time – when they were out of bed that is.

Anyway, back to Monday. It had been carefully planned and everyone knew what they were doing, children had bus money to get to Grandmas after school, picnic made, car full of petrol then off we jolly well went! MrH and I had decided to have a day out on our own, when the children went back to school. We are extremely lucky in that we were able to go from our door to the “best bits” of the Lake District in scarcely an hour and, oh boy, the trees were all colours. Beautiful browns, reds, yellows and every colour in between. It was simply stunning. the sun was shining and it was one of those lovely crisp, cold days when you feel so fresh and happy to be alive.

Firstly we went to the town of Kendal for coffee at Farrers coffee shop. Lovely traditional style olde worlde shop with wobbly tables and mis-matched chairs. They sell lovely china teapots and yummy looking jams…mmmmm. I had to partake in a latte and an ENORMOUS toasted teacake at leisure. A quick look round the shops, in particular Armstrong Ward (one of the main objectives for the day) making sure I didn’t go in any of those chain stores I could just as well go in at home.

Next stop Windermere for a spot of Lakeland loveliness. After a few absolutely 100% necessary purchases (she said sheepishly!) it was off for a picnic lunch in a stunning spot overlooking Lake Windermere. As we sat in the car with a thermos of coffee and the newspaper it struck me as amusing. We were like all the other couples round and about, sitting in their cars, eating picnics, just 30 years younger! 🙂

On to Ambleside for a quick nose around all the outdoor pursuits shops (more for MrH than for me I must say) but I thought it only fair to indulge his whim as so much of our life seems to be about me. I think I am a high maintenance girl emotionally and it does me good to step back sometimes and think about how much he has tolerated from me and think about what he likes to do. I really should do it much more than I do.

Grasmere next (I told you it was a whistlestop tour) for some delicious Grasmere gingerbread requested by the children and a visit to the Herdy shop to ooooh and aaarrrr at it’s lovely sheepy goodness. Beautiful bright coloured goodies. Cold, dark and wet outside at this point so a lovely bright warm haven.

Finally a lovely end to the day in Bowness on Windermere for Steak and Ale pie, thick cut chips and Apple and Blackberry crumble with custard. What more can a girl want??? Oh yes, I know, a commitment to do it all again soon!

Louise xx

My Mum has gone away this weekend and left me with this! The friendliest, daftest cat to ever walk the earth!

He’s been doing a lot of this (on my knee)

And I have been forced to spend a lot of time in my mum’s lovely peaceful house, him asleep on my knee, hooky on the go and enjoying the chocolate mum always puts in the fridge for me!

The selfless things I do for people!



Today is the day….

I finish for half term!

For some reason we start back in the middle of august, long before the students. Long, long, long half term.

I’m not accustomed to overworking myself. I think it’s dangerous.

12 whole days off. Not that I’m counting 🙂

Coffee and Hooky me thinks

…..I have regained my blogging MoJo!

We’re here in September, the children are back to school, I am back to work and  all (well most) is well with the world.

I love having the summer off but I always feel like I should have squeezed a little more into the available weeks. I think at the start of the holiday that I will make each hour count but in reality times passes so quickly and I just end up messing around until September is on us. Too much time online, too much shopping, too many coffees and definitely too much snacking. Good job I’m back at work, pretty soon I think I would have laid down roots 🙂

Here’s some random shots of what summer has been to me…..

Not sure how it happened but my eldest daughter reached 16. I think I blinked and missed a few years!

Took a train to London and visited the Hummingbird Bakery. It would have been rude to not buy a cake wouldn’t it?

Went to Wembley to cheer on the Seasiders 🙂

Encountered some headless folk next to the Thames!

For the first time ever I grew some vegetables. This was one of my marrow sized courgettes 🙂

Happy days



I have been busy. Honestly I have.

3 children, part time job and so many wip’s you wouldn’t believe.

Despite initial reservations I am loving these colours together. Very springy and flowery I think.

And…… I’ve been on a child free city break with Mr H.  Oh the gorgeousness of Vienna!!! The snow, the music, the 5* “big treat” hotel intercontinental Vienna (complete with the largest breakfast selection I have ever seen) oh and don’t forget the Viennese cakes. Yummy yum yum. We spent an afternoon in a Viennese coffee shop, Mr H reading and me hooking to my hearts content.

Sadly now back to work, back to cooking and housework. Happily back to my 3 teenage babies 🙂 how I miss them when I’m away. Just the memories and photos remain…….

L xxx

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