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……crochet a babette blanket

Since my crochet days finally began I have had the babette blanket in mind to complete. I suppose I like the idea of a bigger project and I love the way the colours can be varied and played with to completely change the result. Check this out for some amazing examples of the variety possible. I also like the fact that it is not too difficult or taxing, sometimes you just want to pick something easy up to do a few squares and not have to give it too much brain time. With 3 children I think that’s crucial.

Now Louise I hear you cry, what the devil is stopping you?

Well I have to say the reason is purely financial. I would love to make a start but if you read the list of yarn requirements it is quite scary. I am a bit of a yarn snob I admit and I think if you are putting time and love into a project it really has to be with nice yarn and nice yarn = expensive yarn. I am also a worrier and I like to have the full amount of yarn at my side when I set out on a project. I worry you see. What if they discontinue it when I’m half way through? What if the colour shades change? What if all the yarn I’ve decided to use disappears off the planet and I’m left with a half blanket, a random selection of squares with no purpose? As if! I know it’s irrational and ridiculous but that’s me :0) Slightly cooky¬† but that’s what you get from knitters!

So in essence if I win the lottery I’ll be off to the yarn shop as fast as my legs can carry me and the babette blanket will be born……




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