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Mr H and I had a wonderful weekend in early March! We sneaked off for some us time, leaving the offspring in the more than capable hands of Nana and Grandad.

We headed for Vienna for a quick fix of culture, music and spoiling! We stayed at the intercontinental and wow…….. it was the grandest place I have ever stayed with breakfast to die for. A lovely comfy bed and great smellies in the bathroom :0) (Mr H doesn’t really get the importance of such things!)

A night at the Schonbrunn palace for a concert and some smashing meals out, talking about things we used to talk about before we were invaded by 3 small bundles of trouble!

On our return we felt refreshed and pampered, ready for anything. The children sighed a collective sigh of relief and it really is true – absence makes the heart grow fonder.




I have been busy. Honestly I have.

3 children, part time job and so many wip’s you wouldn’t believe.

Despite initial reservations I am loving these colours together. Very springy and flowery I think.

And…… I’ve been on a child free city break with Mr H.  Oh the gorgeousness of Vienna!!! The snow, the music, the 5* “big treat” hotel intercontinental Vienna (complete with the largest breakfast selection I have ever seen) oh and don’t forget the Viennese cakes. Yummy yum yum. We spent an afternoon in a Viennese coffee shop, Mr H reading and me hooking to my hearts content.

Sadly now back to work, back to cooking and housework. Happily back to my 3 teenage babies 🙂 how I miss them when I’m away. Just the memories and photos remain…….

L xxx

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