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A new term, a new start.

Today I

  • Frogged a hat that was half knitted but I wasn’t hopeful it would fit my head. I did much pulling it and trying to convince myself it was going to fit and kept going. I kept holding it up to my head while it was on the needles 😦 Finally decided it was better to frog half a hat than have a full hat that didn’t fit
  • Baked (and sampled) a big sticky chocolate tray bake.
  • Played more chicken invaders than is good for me.
  • Dreamt of next years holiday.


Ooooh I had a smashing monday! Half term went much too quickly although we didn’t do a lot of anything it’s nice to have the company of the children for the mundane things like shopping and coffee time – when they were out of bed that is.

Anyway, back to Monday. It had been carefully planned and everyone knew what they were doing, children had bus money to get to Grandmas after school, picnic made, car full of petrol then off we jolly well went! MrH and I had decided to have a day out on our own, when the children went back to school. We are extremely lucky in that we were able to go from our door to the “best bits” of the Lake District in scarcely an hour and, oh boy, the trees were all colours. Beautiful browns, reds, yellows and every colour in between. It was simply stunning. the sun was shining and it was one of those lovely crisp, cold days when you feel so fresh and happy to be alive.

Firstly we went to the town of Kendal for coffee at Farrers coffee shop. Lovely traditional style olde worlde shop with wobbly tables and mis-matched chairs. They sell lovely china teapots and yummy looking jams…mmmmm. I had to partake in a latte and an ENORMOUS toasted teacake at leisure. A quick look round the shops, in particular Armstrong Ward (one of the main objectives for the day) making sure I didn’t go in any of those chain stores I could just as well go in at home.

Next stop Windermere for a spot of Lakeland loveliness. After a few absolutely 100% necessary purchases (she said sheepishly!) it was off for a picnic lunch in a stunning spot overlooking Lake Windermere. As we sat in the car with a thermos of coffee and the newspaper it struck me as amusing. We were like all the other couples round and about, sitting in their cars, eating picnics, just 30 years younger! πŸ™‚

On to Ambleside for a quick nose around all the outdoor pursuits shops (more for MrH than for me I must say) but I thought it only fair to indulge his whim as so much of our life seems to be about me. I think I am a high maintenance girl emotionally and it does me good to step back sometimes and think about how much he has tolerated from me and think about what he likes to do. I really should do it much more than I do.

Grasmere next (I told you it was a whistlestop tour) for some delicious Grasmere gingerbread requested by the children and a visit to the Herdy shop to ooooh and aaarrrr at it’s lovely sheepy goodness. Beautiful bright coloured goodies. Cold, dark and wet outside at this point so a lovely bright warm haven.

Finally a lovely end to the day in Bowness on Windermere for Steak and Ale pie, thick cut chips and Apple and Blackberry crumble with custard. What more can a girl want??? Oh yes, I know, a commitment to do it all again soon!

Louise xx

…..I have regained my blogging MoJo!

We’re here in September, the children are back to school, I am back to work and Β all (well most) is well with the world.

I love having the summer off but I always feel like I should have squeezed a little more into the available weeks. I think at the start of the holiday that I will make each hour count but in reality times passes so quickly and I just end up messing around until September is on us. Too much time online, too much shopping, too many coffees and definitely too much snacking. Good job I’m back at work, pretty soon I think I would have laid down roots πŸ™‚

Here’s some random shots of what summer has been to me…..

Not sure how it happened but my eldest daughter reached 16. I think I blinked and missed a few years!

Took a train to London and visited the Hummingbird Bakery. It would have been rude to not buy a cake wouldn’t it?

Went to Wembley to cheer on the Seasiders πŸ™‚

Encountered some headless folk next to the Thames!

For the first time ever I grew some vegetables. This was one of my marrow sized courgettes πŸ™‚

Happy days



As you can see in my blog title, I have a corner. It’s a great corner, it’s my little corner of the lounge, the house, the town, the world. It’s packed with stuff. Scissors, yarn, face cream, books, dr bach flower remedies, sewing box, various gadgets and chargers (tangled) etc etc etc.

I took a photo of my corner especially to share with you.

I know it looks a little out of hand but that’s nothing to how it is sometimes. I have, on occasion had to get a whip and a chair to fight it back. Some girlies out there (I know I read the blogs) are lucky enough to have a studio and believe me I am not proud of the studioenvy I feel. But sadly in present circumstances I am not able to have a fully decked out studio with fancy coloured boxes and tins, a place for everything and everything in it’s place so I have to make do with my corner and its chaotic filing system. I’ve always had a corner, my dad had one before me and I have always been ridiculed widely for it.

It has not been helped by the arrival of DAVE a very mixed blessing indeed……

We have a love and hate relationship

:: Me and Dave :: Dave and Me ::

He stands around collecting rubbish and neglecting his duty as a laptop table because you can barely fit a mobile phone on him never mind a laptop! But oh like any bad boy he has that way of making you just lurve him xxxxx

The final brightly sparkling jewel in the tarnished crown is this;

Made by my beautiful daughter (middle child without the syndrome) in woodwork club after school. I love love love it cause she made it specially for my corner, you may say it is bespoke πŸ™‚

So this convoluted post is basically saying my favourite place to knit, to read to sew to do anything is this corner. I knit and crochet round the world, in planes, trains and automobiles. In shops, cafes, waiting rooms, hospitals and (shhhhh) even work sometimes. But 95% of the time it’s here in a corner at home – the best place in the world.

Louise xxx

Mr H and I had a wonderful weekend in early March! We sneaked off for some us time, leaving the offspring in the more than capable hands of Nana and Grandad.

We headed for Vienna for a quick fix of culture, music and spoiling! We stayed at the intercontinental and wow…….. it was the grandest place I have ever stayed with breakfast to die for. A lovely comfy bed and great smellies in the bathroom :0) (Mr H doesn’t really get the importance of such things!)

A night at the Schonbrunn palace for a concert and some smashing meals out, talking about things we used to talk about before we were invaded by 3 small bundles of trouble!

On our return we felt refreshed and pampered, ready for anything. The children sighed a collective sigh of relief and it really is true – absence makes the heart grow fonder.



I have been busy. Honestly I have.

3 children, part time job and so many wip’s you wouldn’t believe.

Despite initial reservations I am loving these colours together. Very springy and flowery I think.

And…… I’ve been on a child free city break with Mr H.Β  Oh the gorgeousness of Vienna!!! The snow, the music, the 5* “big treat” hotel intercontinental Vienna (complete with the largest breakfast selection I have ever seen) oh and don’t forget the Viennese cakes. Yummy yum yum. We spent an afternoon in a Viennese coffee shop, Mr H reading and me hooking to my hearts content.

Sadly now back to work, back to cooking and housework. Happily back to my 3 teenage babies πŸ™‚ how I miss them when I’m away. Just the memories and photos remain…….

L xxx

I thought I would just share some of my more recent photographs with you today. I love this flower. Flowers always have the power to make you feel good about the world, don’t they. Even in the saddest way flowers are used at funerals and remembrance they do seem to lift ones spirits and accept the way living things are finite and we should rejoice in them while they are with us. I feel inspired when I look at this photo because the fabulous acid green is so unexpected in such a beautiful flower.

I love this photo also because I recently went to the British Museum with Mr Hubby and all 3 children. We were on a short break in London and when this was taken we were all just about fit to drop! We’d seen as much as we could pack in and been to as many places as we could and we were done in! Somehow the calmness of this entrance hall made everything feel better; happier; more relaxed. I love the look and feel of the place, so majestic and stylish.

Finally, a shot taken in Hyde park. We had a lovely picnic (well M&S to go!) lunch here. Although the weather was fresh and crisp you can see the wonderful autumn sunshine. The shades of colour in the trees and shrubs were amazing and thus the reflection in the water was stunning. We spent quite some time here, chatting, eating and laughing. The children were hysterical watching the birds devouring leftovers. Sometimes I forget they are still children and have a childlike sense of fun.

You really can find inspiration from any photo, when it’s one you’ve taken yourself, it’s a cherished memory too.

Have a great, inspiring, childlike fun sort of a day xxx

I have not been crocheting for very long. I have knitted since I was about 8 and able to produce some fancy pants stuff! Socks, colourwork, cables, they held no scariness for me. But…….

I could never understand how to crochet. I puzzled on and on for years just not quite “GETTING” it. I was a hopeless failure. Surely if I could do it with 2 needles 1 should be just as easy. Finally one day I cracked. I was absolutely going to do this. I was going to create those lovely, scrummy, perfectly formed granny squares and nothing was going to stand in my way.

So…….mr hubby and I were off on a romantic weekend to Stockholm 4 months ago, no children, no work, nice hotel with candlelit dinners. Boy oh boy was he thrilled when I got to the airport with a crochet hook and enough yarn to ground the plane.

But I did it πŸ™‚

A cushion and several christmas decorations later I am here making a bag a la lucy at attic24. I feel I am starting to understand it now, I’m realising the effects of different stitches and I’m really loving it. I love the roundness of it, you never can seem to knit much in a flat circle. The world’s at my feet now and I’m so glad I cracked it. You really are NEVER too old

XXX Louise XXX

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